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Lately google did something to their ranking algorithm, ย  the reason cited is that google wanted to provide more relevant results, according to their official blog, this change impacts 11.8% organic search results, say it another way, google thinks about 12% of it’s search results are really bad and need to manipulated. The update was initiated more than a year ago, maybe that’s why some of my ranks dropped out of first 10 pages, but almost all the ranks promoted by articles and blog posts were not affected, a few of these keywords ranked better than ever, it becomes clear that linking campaign the old way is the thing of past, probably due to links crammed sites being thrown away by google.

What is old way of link building any way? a large percentage of SEO firms will do this,ย  they will get links from any websites which accept adding links, these websites will only be updated when new links are being added, and most of them are useless, the name link spamming are just for these sites. Now google algorithm probably will weed out these sites, all the links on those websites will have the same fate.

maybe a few examples will make it clear. When I got into online marketing long time ago, I started promote the keyword, ratchet straps , at that time almost every body was doing plain linking campaign, a lot of sites I used had too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. This strategy worked in the beginning, finally the rank improved a lot, the party was over when google updated it’s algorithm. Something opposite happened to this keyword, chain pullers, we promoted this keyword with articles and blog posts, not too many plain links have been built, now we have really good ranking for this keyword. Now contextual links win the battle, then what? In fact the only thing matters here is content, when you create unique and quality content, not only people will love to read your stuff, so do the search engines. How do you do it? Writing articles and building blogs, take a look at this blog, mobile business , I didn’t put too much effort into it from start, but I never stopped posting, the result? I got nice ranking for a few really nice keywords now. Now you can see, Article Marketing with great content is the way to go.

At the end of day all you have to do is to create attractive content, publish and share with people, promote your business with the content, this strategy will prevail in short or long term. The virtues, persistence and patience, are essential for your success, nothing will automatically improve overnight, i.e., selling online or improve your search rankings, now all we have to do is to give our love for creating and sharing great content and not to worry about the search results all the time.

How To Write Spin Friendly And Keyword Rich Articles


Now we know what article marketing looks like, the process has two steps,ย  writing the articles and distributing the articles. Sometimes writing an article is really easy, put together hundreds of words, then use some auto spin software to process the article, you will get an spinnable but not human readable article, it is that simple, that’s the reason you will find a lot of blogs on the web are not human readable. On the other hand, this strategy works great on search engines, you only need to post hundreds of machine spinned articles, you will get results, since search engines only understand popularity. Should we all employ this kind of strategy? eventually all these tricks will be detected and discounted. If machine article spin is bad, what should we do? We have to strike a balance between efficiency and quality, the answer is hand crafted snippets with software created spinnable article.

Spinnable quality articles? Is that possible? Don’t believe it, let’s see it. Suppose you need to promote more than hundreds of keywords for a website, if all the articles have to hand written, I can imagine how much time and money have to be spent. The alternative strategy is we create keywords database, with corresponding URLs for all the keywords, and extract and create spinnable descriptions for each URL, then we put random products with spinnable descriptions into pre-made articles frames, insert some interesting snippets, if every sentence of your article is spinnable, and don’t forget proof read your final product, if they read like garbage go back to redo them until they pass, you can go ahead distribute your hard work with article distribution software, now you can build your next database or take a break.

Now we have the theory, let’s see it in action. Assume you’re going to work with, you want to promote tow chain, it has it’s own unique URL, now you need to build a few different descriptions like this, tow chains are popular towing supplies, especially 5/16” tow chains, all tow trucks have to have this wonderful products, you can go on add more like this, the more the better. When you finish with the specific URL, you can move onto next one. When finish building URL database, you can build article frame for the database, it’s the same principle, make sure your article frame is fluent after spin. When you have the database and frames ready, feed them to article distributor software capable of combine these two together, you’re all set. You can use this technique on all kinds of websites, and on any number of URLs, and you will get good results and have fluent articles at the same time. This can be a long term strategy, since you can build a number of related blogs based on the keywords and products, and populate those blogs with related articles from your database.

Article Marketing Basics


OK, now you have your website up and running, and you have quite few nice items for sale, probably you also offer some interesting services, everything looks quite elegant, except one slight problem, no one is visiting your site. You’ve tried the traditional way, you distribute cards in the parking lot, attending shows to give out catalog and gifts, mail out coupons to thousands of potential customers, only to find that there is still not too many people will come to your site, not mention make enough sales to cover your cost. What happened? Why all these proven ways of doing business don’t work here? The reason is simple, people are relying on search engines to find them deals, they won’t be able to see you if you’re not visible on search engines.

How to make your site visible on the search engines? To make your site seen by people, you need to be on the first page of google and other search engines, preferably in top 3 positions, otherwise you won’t get too many visits from the search page. How do you get your website into the top results? The answer is SEO, search engine optimization. The slightly outdated way to do it is link building, you hire someone to build one way links to your websites, the problem with this strategy is that first you have to pay by the amount of links they build, if you have more than a few 10s of keywords you will end up paying some big money for “quality” links, by quoting “quality” brings the second point, they put links on all kinds of websites, directories aside, most of the sites on which they put links are close to pure spam sites, and those sites don’t get updated frequently and have too many unrelated links on them. Besides, most search engines are favoring context links more than pure links, so this strategy is still useful but won’t make you as successful as it used to be. These problems have a solution, which is Article Marketing.

With article marketing, you post articles to a lot different blogs, directories, search engines will pick up these articles and the contextual links inside will be counted. The more articles you distribute the more one way back links you will gain, the chance of your site shows up in top search results will improve significantly. You can write articles about your products yourself, or you can hire someone else to write articles for you, either way, you have you articles about your products, usually you will have two different types of articles, one type is PR like articles, these articles are single piece articles, meaning you’ll distribute exact same articles no matter how many articles you’re going to distribute, another type is called spinnable articles, this type of articles are made for both human and search engine, some of them are of high quality and can be read by human, some of them are spinned by software and made just for search engine. In reality, both type of articles will work, since search engine can’t distinguish human readable ones from spam ones. This situation may change in the future, so I suggest that you should stick to high quality spinnable articles, and post articles to reputable blogs and directories, not those made for sale ones.

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Are there any companies who have helped the homeless as a marketing campaign?

I have to make a marketing campaign for a university class. I need examples of large companies who have helped the homeless as a way of gaining publicity for their company?

During the high-tech / entertainment festival SXSW, a marketing company turned homeless people into wifi hotspots. The reaction was mostly negative, as people found it to be exploitative and offensive.

But it did turn out to be positive for the homeless individuals involved:

Are there any jargon to the common SEO industry?

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Not much of a risk to try them out, and I’m hosting all of my current sites with them.

Article Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps – More Strategies – Spin Rewriter – Magic Submitter

Perhaps one of the smartest techniques for self promotion is to do some article writing. There are some precise reasons that article marketing works. It helps you build up your popularity in your chosen niche. It can establish a nice sized library containing articles that all have your name on them, which can be incredibly beneficial if you’re trying to create a writing career. The internet sites send visitors to your project and every person benefits. There are even one or two article banks on the market that will pay you lots of money for the things you submit. So, seeing that it’s that superb, how can you get it to work on your behalf? So how should a person create and build an article marketing campaign for him or herself? Keep reading through to learn.

The very first thing you need to do is to choose your web directories properly. Not every document submission site is the same. The most important and best web directories will only allow users to submit stories that can be found on other sites. The best article directories have high degrees of numbers both with the level of articles that get uploaded and in the number of people who visit the site each day. You really want something which is popular and that gets plenty of eyeballs. That way you will be sure that your articles get seen by as many people as possible.

0:43 Article Marketing Strategy #1
1:34 Article Marketing Strategy #2
2:10 Article Marketing Strategy #3
2:44 Article Marketing Strategy Advanced

Search Engine friendliness can be heavily weighed. Do a web check of any directory that you have been considering as a possible receptacle for article submission. When you seek out information in your market, which article databases turn up usually in search engine results? Ezine articles appear most of the time. You’ll also find many Buzzle articles as well. After that you see Associated Content and Article Database. The goal is to be found as often as possible by the important search engines so you should make sure that you are posting your work to a database that can make those things happen for you.

Make sure that your articles or blog posts are well crafted. If your articles aren’t well written, you may not get a lot of attention from them. They might, if the articles are written badly, work against you. Don’t ignore that your purpose is not only to get a bunch of bylines. It’s also to get folks to wish to read just what exactly you’ve got to say. You prefer to create your standing as an expert in your field. This can’t be completed if your content articles are badly written. If the content articles you distribute aren’t good, no one is going to believe for a second that you are an expert or are of any value to your field.

Do not do any straightforward promoting in your articles or blog posts. We’re not joking. Articles ought to impart information not just promote to someone. If people try to sell in your articles people will just click away from you. Save the advertising for your sales page where it can do the most good.

There are wide ranging things you can apply to get article advertising to help you out. These are several fantastic strategies that will help you get ahead of your competitors. When you do it well, article advertising can actually help you enhance your reputation and build your business. This is definitely the reason it is important that you take it seriously.

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Content Marketing Strategy | Blogs and Blogging Content marketing is a fundamental aspect of attraction marketing and blogs are are great content marketing strategy if done correctly. What blogs bring to your content marketing strategy is a way of providing unique content that is relevant to the issues people are hoping to solve as they search the internet for information.

The first thing to do is define the goals for your content marketing strategy. If you are in business the number one reason you should develop a content marketing strategy and a blog as part of that, is to attract potential customers or leads. So the first thing you must do is determine who your target market is and what they are likely to be searching for online. If you are using a content marketing strategy that includes blogs and blogging and you are marketing natural health products, your blog post about the latest in wireless technology won’t attract visitors. You need to determine how what you have solves the problem that prompts them to search online. Then you can design your content marketing strategy to attract them to your blog.

Do some keyword research to determine the exact terms they type into the search bar and tailor your content marketing strategy accordingly. You can optimize your blog posts to include those terms so your blog is included in the search results when people make their searches. It will help design your content marketing strategy if you define the characteristics of your ideal customer. Age, gender, likes, dislikes, income, location, etc. are things to think about when designing your content marketing strategy to market to them.

0:14 blogging as a content marketing strategy
1:15 get more leads
1:30 get more sales
1:35 obtain time freedom
2:16 what can a content marketing strategy do for you
4:30 why blogs as a content marketing strategy work
5:35 you can do blogging online
5:45 quality content fresh content original content
7:00 blogging is a great content marketing strategy
In setting up a blog the best option is to purchase a Domain Name, get a hosting account and install WordPress from You can use other free blogging sites but you won’t own the blog and that’s not a ideal for your content marketing strategy. Then install a theme and get creating content.

Your content must be related to both the product or business you are promoting and to what potential leads are searching for. So part of your content marketing strategy development has to be creation of valuable content that solves problems. If your content is optimized for the right search terms, it will rank higher and attract more visitors to your blog content.

Your blog has to have an optin form so visitors who want to know more leave their contact information so you can follow up and market to them. That is the main purpose for executing your content marketing strategy in the first place.

Finally no blogging content marketing strategy is complete without attention to off page optimization. Simply put that’s a process whereby many websites quote the content on your blog and provide links back to your website. This tells the search engines that your site has authority and provides popular content. You get more visitors, more leads, more sales and more money.

If you don’t know how to do all the things I mentioned as requirements of a good blogging content marketing strategy, take heart. MyLeadSystemPro is the place I went to learn and find support for all my marketing efforts. The content marketing strategy I use is video marketing, but training and support for all marketing strategies are available at MLSP. Click the link below to get some free training and explore what MLSP and I can do for you.

“The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions taken as a result of viewing this video.”

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Youtube SEO: How I outranked CBS with these 7 Youtube SEO Tricks

Youtube SEO: How I outranked CBS with these 7 Youtube SEO Tricks Discover how 7 powerful youtube tricks allowed me to beat the big corporation CBS on Youtube.

Are you looking for youtube training that actually works and works now in 2013? Do you want to learn how to use seo to get exposure online to your products, business, or service? In this youtube training video, you will learn how to get more exposure online than even some of the biggest corporations.

Discover 7 simple seo tricks that will put you ahead of the competition.
It seems like every few months, things change rapidly online, especially with seo. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, making it harder for online marketers to master and get a firm grasp on search engine optimization.

If you have been doing seo on youtube and not seeing the results that you want, grab a pen and a piece of paper and start using these seo tricks today on youtube.

Youtube SEO Tricks #1: Say your keyword throughout your video, making sure to say your keyword at both the beginning and end of your video. This works because youtube has voice recognition software and transcribes your video. So, if you mention your keyword in your video, it is just another signal to youtube and google that your video is relevant to your keyword phrase and that it needs to be in front of people who are searching for that keyword phrase online.

Youtube SEO Tricks #2: Use your keyword in your video title, as close as possible to the beginning of your video title

Youtube SEO Tricks #3: Write a long, keyword-rich video description. Aim for 500-700 words. It is important that you do not keyword stuff your descriptions. Make it natural.

Youtube SEO Tricks #4: Use your main keyword and related keywords in your video tags.

Youtube SEO Tricks #5: Use time stamps in your video description. Time stamp the locations in your video where you are saying your keyword.

Youtube SEO Tricks #6: Put a backlink to your youtube video url and your youtube channel url

Youtube SEO Tricks #7: Ping your long youtube watch url using and What is pinging? Pinging lets google know that you have just uploaded a new piece of content online. It is a great way to make sure that your video gets noticed and indexed quickly in the search engines so you can start ranking more quickly.

To learn how to rank our youtube videos using powerful high authority blog backlinks and to learn how to make money online with your videos, go to:

Bonus SEO Trick: This is ninja. Make sure to get a backlink your youtube video using a high authority website. The underground blogging platform I use to get a powerful high authority backlink to my youtube video is here:

0:11 looking for youtube seo
0:25 able to outrank cbs
0:28 with these seven youtube seo tricks
2:52 the next youtube seo trick is

“youtube seo”, youtube seo tricks, youtube, seo, youtube seo tips, tricks, tips, cbs

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How and where to promote a youtube channel?

So I’ve been doing Youtube for about 10 months,and everything was going quite well until I hit 500 subscribers. From that point on,it seems like subscriptions and views have stopped coming. I honestly don’t know where to promote anymore,I have twitter,pinterest,google+ and I’m a part of few forums for small channels. I’m also partnered but that doesn’t seem to make any difference anymore. I know a few SEO Tricks,but it still seems like a complete stop for me. Any tips and advises?
Here’s my channel if you wanna take a look :

you could do king of the web, follow back people on twitter so you get more people seeing when you post your videos on twitter (tip: you could say you will only follow back people who retweet your tweet with your video), younow is also an option (younow is a live streaming site you can live stream gaming or live stream talking and people chatting and watching you have access to your facebook, twitter, and youtube) you could also try tumblr. ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helped have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚ btw i really like your channel most of games you play are my favorite or i havent seen before and look cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Article Marketing – 6-Figure Article Marketing Tips, Tricks and Inside Secrets
Article Marketing for Massive Traffic, Leads and Sales

Does article marketing still for work to generate traffic, leads and sales in a Google post Panda, post Penguin world? Heck yes! And we can prove it by revealing you the money right below, right now …

Does “Article Marketing” still work today?

Short answer: definitely.

Finest answer: it depends.

Permit me to clarify …

Considering that 1996, my wife Lisa and I have developed 5 six-figure (even several six-figure) business working part-time in our extra time online using a simple 5-step marketing system that has never ever failed … and article marketing types the basis of our model.

However to appropriately address the concern: “Does article marketing still work today?” you have to get a bit more clear on what you are seeking to accomplish.

Are you wanting to create even more traffic, leads and sales in the next 24 hours?

Then, no – content marketing is NOT the response you are trying to find. If you require traffic NOW, then paid marketing approaches like pay-per-click ads, banner marketing, running a couple of soloads, Facebook ads or even Youtube advertised videos will produce a more instant result.

Blogging, writing articles, news release and advertising videos (content marketing) is much better used for long-lasting traffic and branding since it just takes time for the online search engine to recognize and “rank” your content so people can discover it.

That being stated, there are means of syndicating your content by leveraging numerous authority websites that can and will bring immediate traffic to your offers – but that is a subject we cover in our Publishing on Purpose for Profit system.

Article Marketing Approach

Article marketing works since it matches the internet model – which is to provide prompt information for those who are looking for it, at the time they are searching for it.

Think of it.

The whole internet runs on search.

You have a trouble or you inquire about a product, service, business opportunity or some other subject you want. So which do you do? You fire up your computer, visit your favorite search engine (this could be Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Ezinearticles, Facebook or where ever) and you ENTER A SEARCH.

From the search results provided you make a selection and … off you go.

The OBJECTIVE of article marketing is to END SEARCH.

Meaning, as soon as an individual clicks with to look into your article, blog post, video, Facebook update or online forum post … the objective is to offer the details they were searching for and move them forward into taking an additional activity – to register for your list, buy a product or merely to come to understand you as a specialist in your industry.

Get it right by getting your content to rank well on the search engines (if your content can not be discovered, you have actually squandered your time!) – then you can literally write your very own 1st class ticket to any amount of traffic, leads and sales you want. Literally.

Who else wants to take their article marketing to the next level? See

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Blog Marketing | Internet Marketing – Blog Marketing | Internet Marketing Knowledge. What is blog marketing will become a basic question for those who are having no clue at all about anything related to Blog Marketing. For the common explanation, we can always said that the blog marketing is the true description for internet marketing which are using blog to promote all types of stuffs or services.

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Discover The Best SEO Tips For 2013

With all the algorithm updates Google released in 2012, you need to know what now works and what doesn’t. In this short video, SEO experts Steve Ovens and David Jenyns give the top SEO tips for 2013 you definitely need to know.

Stay ahead of the competition with your internet marketing and SEO. Find out how we help our clients get found online today. Visit:

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How many visiters should I be getting on a blog that is 3 weeks old?

I have a blog that I started 3 weeks ago, and the blog is based on a popular topic that is often searched.
I would like to get better at blogging and in turn get more readers to my blog. How many visits is a good number for daily visits? My current stats are 20-30 on bad days (days I don’t blog or share) 35-40 on a good day and 45-60 on great days. 401 visits all together. Ideas are welcome. Thanks!

From zero to 000,s.

What have you done to optimize your blog for SEO? Have you researched and are using good keywords?

What have you done to market your blog ie advertising, participating in forums, writing & submitting articles to article directories, jvs, have signup form on blog for newsletter etc?